Dynamic fearless people – by Deirdre O’Halloran

by Deirdre O’HalloranChair Cork branch of The 50:50 Group…

When asked to offer my immediate reaction to last Thursday’s historic Seanad debate on gender quotas, my first thoughts turned to those people who have campaigned tirelessly for this important legislative change.

Many such as Gemma Hussey, Monica Barnes, Mary Henry & Yvonne Galligan have been campaigning for more than 30 years on this issue.

Our own group has campaigned tirelessly on the issue for over 12 months now.

This campaign would not have withstood the test of time without dynamic fearless people, empowered by each other, to lead & manage other like-minded people towards change.

I sat in my seat in the Seanad gallery, peppering with excitement & anticipation, surrounded by fearless women & men, all dedicated to an overall objective of achieving equal representation in Irish political life.

I listened to the members of the Seanad who supported us so strongly & I thought “gosh, the hard work and dedication is paying off”! 

I do not use the word ‘fearless’ lightly.  I see how fear stifles creativity, but last Thursday we saw creativity & strength of character moving together in a progressive manner.

We have “the profound knowledge” (Deming:1950) that is needed to make the move to equality.  I continue to campaign happily.

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