Week 30 2015 – How Registered Parties are Doing on Gender Quotas?

5050_logoThis is how registered political parties are doing so far on gender balance for the upcoming general election. Fine Gael which has the biggest hill to climb because it has the biggest number of incumbent male TD’s is meeting the quota so far – so well done. Fianna Fail which should be in a better position to select more women is struggling with only 20% selected so far. Renua is also struggling to meet the quota. The United Left is not meeting the quota for men but they do only have one candidate selected so far. The quotas apply to both sexes so smaller parties need to be aware of this.

Registered Party 19/7/2015 Women Men % Women % Men
Anti Austerity Alliance 1 4 20 80
Fianna Fail 7 28 20 80
Fine Gael 13 27 32.5 67.5
Green Party 3 6 33.3 66.6
Irish Democratic Party 0 2 0 100
Labour 8 13 38.1 61.9
People before Profit Alliance 4 6 40 60
Renua 2 9 18 82
Sinn Fein 17 27 38.6 61.4
Social Democrats 2 1 66.6 33.3
United Left 1 0 100 0
Workers & unemployed action group 0 1 0 100
Workers Party 2 2 50 50

Missed Opportunity in Louth-East Meath Selection Convention

Fitz-MinogueA two candidate strategy in Louth East Meath has seen Fine Gael select the two incumbent male TDs. Fine Gael ironically could be the party with the greatest difficulty in fulfilling the candidate selection gender quota legislation because they have the most incumbent male TDs. The usual excuse that is used – no women wanted to run – cannot be used on this occasion. Councillors Dolores Minogue and Sharon Tolan have missed the opportunity to run for the Dail in the next general election.

Those in Fine Gael who are supportive of gender balance need to come together to counter resistance from incumbents. Other parties have employed an Equality Officer or set-up a specific women’s group to support gender balance. Be under no illusion that those that prospered under the old rules will resist the change. You have been warned…