Michael Mooney GE16 Candidate

Michael MooneyThe 5050 Group in the North West sent out a series of questions relating to women’s equal representation to the 2016 General Election Candidates in Donegal and Sligo-Leitrim.

Below are the questions with the candidate responses.

Donegal 2016 General Election Candidate: Michael Mooney, Independent




Do you support the 5050 Campaign for equal representation of women and men in Irish Politics?







Please Explain Why?


Equal representation, equal in decision making, equal rights, why not? We all have the equal right to vote.


Are you in favour of introducing gender quotas for the 2019 local elections?




Please Explain Why


I will support gender quotas that make decision making equal for all. The One Year initiative (more referendums) will give everyone (male and female) a say in decision making so that all decisions don’t be made by a political parties operating a party whip system which is non democratic.


Would you support an’ A Rural Strategy’ to encourage more women to run for the local elections both as independents and party candidates?




Would you support more women to take up leadership positions within your party, such as chairs and national executive members?




What actions will you take within your party or as an Independent to encourage and support increased female participation in politics?


There is nothing stopping women actually entering politics apart from other work, family and personal commitments. Yes making the Dail more user friendly for all would be great. Video conferencing as an example due now to the powers of social media.


Would you support actions to make the Dáil more ‘family friendly’ by addressing the working hours, formalising maternity leave and considering other arrangements such as proxy voting and teleconferencing?




Please Explain Why We have to make it work for everyone not just the dynasty families it has created. Proxy voting, yes great and why not? Less excuses for not voting in Dail. I am an Independent candidate with no political background (but suffer the consequences of politically bad decisions too). Let’s make it better. Make politicians accountable and responsible. Make actions transparent and information freely available not the 30year restrictions etc. Why not?